05/24/2017 Richard Lynch recording of my song "Cut and Paste" Nominated for Traditional Country Song of the Year, 2017 Josie Awards

OMG! This is totally awesome!! Very proud of Richard Lynch and my song Cut and Paste! Richard now has over 65k Spotify streams on this single. Quite a feat ??❤️. Nominated for Song of the Year ! And Album of the Year which I have 4 songs on! So blessed?? 

More STUNNING news, Richard Lynch has received an additional two nominations from the Josie Awards.....Traditional Country Song of The Year for "Cut & Paste", Traditional Country Album of The Year for "Mending Fences" 
“Cut And Paste” was written by JK Nick Nichols. This radio release is from Richard Lynch's just released "Mending Fences" album which was produced by Edgel Groves for Golden Edge Productions and Randall Griffith for Harrison Entertainment Group. It was recorded and mixed at Harrison Entertainment Group Studios. Gallatin, TN. It is currently charting in the Roots Music Report Top 3 and the New Music Weekly Top 10, both nationally recognized radio airplay charts.