First Ever Nashville Entertainment Weekly Virtual Music Row Writer's Round

It was both an honor and a pleasure to be invited to participate in the first ever Nashville Entertainment Weekly Music Row Writer's Round hosted by Nashville Entertainment  Weekly Tj Cates and Jill Santibanez.  The show was filmed in their studio on 18th Ave. South on Music Row in Nashville and will air on TV Friday night!

Tune in this FRIDAY, August 19th  at 10:30pm-11:00pm on ‪#‎TJTV‬ Comcast Channel 49 to Watch the Television Show Nashville Entertainment Weekly with Hosts Tj Cates & Jill Santibanez with Musicians Juliet Weybret & Nick Nichols ! Watch this Segment NOW! a TJCates 

Featuring Commercials with ‪#‎RealtorToTheStars‬ Kel KEL Williams EXIT Realty Elite, Famous Nashville Artist Olga Alexeeva, GigTown, Street Tuxedo, The!