JK Nick Nichols to make 2nd appearance on Nashville Entertainment Weekly 05/02/2016



Some more exciting news, I will be filming once again with Nashville Entertainment Weekly today for a second interview that will air on Cable Channel 49 to over a million viewers on TJTV! This time they will be featuring my video from Star 1 Records, "Hero", the song written in memory and honor of my Dad. It is on my CMT Webpage and has been sent in for rotation by the label so maybe the publicity will push it over the top! TJ told me just this week that the director of the Grand Ole Opry saw the "High Cost of Loving" video we recently showcased and loved it!! So keeping fingers crossed ! The "Hero" video itself now has in excess of 80k views and " too many to count" times it has been shared. Thanks to all you who support my music and special thanks to Tj Cates and Jill Santibanez for having me on their show once again. We film today in Nashville at 2 pm!   There will be a ton of media hype leading up to it's airing and showtime will be made available as soon as they notify me, also very honored that they will be featuring it again around Father's Day!