My Last Breath Here (Joey's Song) Written by JK Nick Nichols in Loving Memory of Joey Martin Feek (1975-2016) 03/14/2016 

So often we wonder the purpose of God's Holy plan. Joey Martin Feek who lost her battle with Cancer just this past week, although I did not know her personally, from the stories of her life with Rory and the message of the songs they shared with the world was truly and angel from God that this world through her music, her testimony, and her love for her family and friends were privileged to know.  Just two days ago as I read Rory's blog that was written upon her passing, he shared a thought in words, that the moment I read those words, God instructed me to write this song. It’s so hard to understand why someone so faithful, so Godly, in the prime of their life is struck down by one of the most horrific afflictions known to man, Cancer. But I believe, as I believe for all of us, God has a plan for each of us, and Joey fulfilled God's plan for her life and then He called her home. Not one of us can understand with our finite minds the infinite mind of God and His perfect purpose for each of us.  Joey was an obedient servant of The Lord, it reflected in her life, in her joy with her husband and family, and in her music. I thank God for allowing us to have her for the time that she was given in each of our lives. This song is simply a testimony to the end of her life here on earth and the beginning of her life in eternity at the feet of Almighty God. I share this song as a reminder that we all have a choice, for one day we will all draw our final breath here on this earth, and where we take our first breath in eternity is based on the decisions we make here on earth and the lives we choose to live, how we go about our days, how we influence those we come in contact with each day of life we are granted.  Joey got it my dear friends, and now she has inherited a crown of righteousness that will never tarnish.  The Bible says plainly that a day is but a thousand years to the Lord. Can you only imagine the splendor and glory of a Heaven that will never end? Joey is no longer sick, she has a perfect body and that radiant smile tens of thousands more radiant that the one she left us with here, and now she is part of a Heavenly Choir, singing unending praises to her Savior forever and ever.  Please continue to pray for this dear family. This song is dedicated in loving memory of Joey and to her family.  I am putting this song on my Music Page as well. If you would like to download it, all proceeds from its sale will go DIRECTLY to the Feek family. Not only is Cancer a physically and emotionally draining disease, but financially devastating.  Let's do our part to help this dear family in their time of need.  God Bless you all and please share this with all of your friends and let's share this message that Rory left behind when he said "As Joey drew her final breath here on Earth, she took her first breath in Heaven". God Bless you all.  And let’s help this dear family in need.  The song added to my Music Page will also contain the lyrics so that you can follow along with the music.