New Video Release of "Old Wood Shavings" 05/16/2016

From my upcoming CD " High Cost of Loving", the second single from the CD is called "Old Wood Shavings" It is rare that I will cut a song that I did not write, but I did have the distinct privilege of writing the musical arrangement for this one for the Country Market. This is a beautiful song written by my cousin Robert Nichols about his Grandpa Pearson who was an expert "Whittler", a lost art we rarely hear much about these days. It is an incredible song about an incredible man, written by an incredible writer of whose life I'm so fortunate to be part of. Though there is a slight difference in our age, we have always been close and Robert mentored me in songwriting and taught me all I know about finger-picking a guitar. He is a prolific songwriter and Americana/Folk Artist in the Great Northeastern state of Maine where he resides!  I hope you enjoy the video of "Old Wood Shavings".  The CD is set to be out hopefully sometime next week for download on my website  Also I hope you will check out 
Enjoy and Blessings. 
 JK Nick Nichols