"Right Place, Right Time" 03/16/2016

We all have our magical moments, but  i like to refer to them in the Music Business as "Spiritual Experiences". Had a great early morning meet with my dear friend and legendary Treasure Isle Recording Studio Owner. Producer extraordinaire and former Manager of the Beach Boys and more accolades than I could even begin to script here, Fred Vail. Fred had a very important client in this morning and sometimes you just get lucky and happen to be as we like to say in this business "in the right place at the right time". In walks one of Country Music's most prolific songwriters and artists to every grace this planet, the one and only Rodney Crowell. Fred introduced us and told Rodney I was a songwriter and I had just an incredible but short conversation with the man himself as time is money and they were starting to track some new songs on him. He was so cordial and generous of his time with me, joked around a bit, shook my hand and wished me the best as he headed into the control room to start his session. Let me tell you folks, the honor was all mine, as Rodney has always been a SONGWRITING HERO of mine for whom I have always had the utmost respect for as a professional writer, musician and artist. And to meet him in an informal environment such as that and actually have a chance to tell him how much I have admired his work,that I am a fan and have him treat me back with that same respect, all I can say is I AM SO BLESSED TO BE HERE AND GET TO DO WHAT I DO.` Can't wait till his new CD hits the market, I will buy the first copy if possible!!! Thanks so much to Fred for having me down this morning and giving me the grand tour of the newly renovated Treasure Isle Recording studio and introducing me to the one and only Rodney Crowell!!