The Celebration of International Women's Day 03/08/2016

Today is officially designated as "International Women's Day" so it is my prayer today that each and everyone one of you beautiful ladies have a fantastic day and may God bless you and keep you safe as you travel about the course of your day!  We men are most thankful for all the joy that you bring to our lives and I am most thankful for mine! There are so many incredible women in my life that have played a huge role in my success as a Songwriter, an Artist, a Musician, and a man. So today I give props and special honor to some incredible ladies who have had a profound influence in my life. My wife, my daughter, my daughter-in-law, my sister-in-laws, and all my nieces are the delight of my heart!  I am already blessed by having you in my life.  So here's to you  Faye U. Nichols, Lindsay Nichols Bargiol, Anna Nichols, Phyllis Underhill, Lauren Underhill Glasgow, Caitlin Waszak Underhill, Sam Underhill, Lindsay Underhill, Terry Underhill, and Maria Eredics Underhill. And to my incredible writing partners and great friends who support me in this business we call music I say to you that I love each and every one of you and am thankful for your love, your friendship, and your support of me and of my music! To  the incredibly talented Amy Chenoweth, Sara Horvath, Mandy Allyn, Alana and Brianne Finn-Morris, Danica Honeycutt, Brandy Williams, SuSA, Suzanne Gorman, Ava Leigh, Olivia Francessca, La Donna Brewer-Capps, Madelyn Victoria Vallejo, Jan Buckingham, and Juliana Lawrence for the great songs we have written and friendships we have forged! To Laura Patterson, Debi Champion, Brenda Corbin, Abigail Margaret Schaffer, and Miss Juanita Ford who continue to support and believe in my music and give me a fighting chance to be heard as an artist each and every day. To my new friend Debbi Rigdon for all your help on developing this great website; to my incredibly talented friend, songwriter and Recording Star Tammy Cochran for your beautiful rendition of my and Bob Pennington's "Think Pink" written to support Breast Cancer Research and Awareness; to my dear friend Jamie Krause for the awesome job on putting together my EPK, to Cathy Griffith for your unending love, friendship and support and opening up your home and heart to me with Randall all those years I traveled back and forth to Nashville before finally being able to get here full time, and to my great friend and second daughter Brit Hendricks for your friendship, your support, and all your hard work and dedication for the great photos of our band you have provided over the years to help promote us and keep Southern Crescent Band in the forefront!  I wish you all peace, love, happiness, prosperity and most of all God's enormous blessings upon your lives!  And to so many more of you unmentioned who have become my friends through Social Media and continuously shower me with blessings of support by LIKING, DOWNLOADING, and SHARING my music and videos around the world, you hold a very special place in my life and my heart and I pray that you all celebrate a fantastic and blessed "International Women's Day"!!

Love and Blessings,