ISG Records Announces Release of Irish Singing Sensation Mary Duff's New Release "Changing Lanes" 04/27/2016

Needless to say with this news release of the Mary Duff cut on ISG Records and the Nashville Entertainment Weekly interview airing tomorrow night for 1 million + viewers, God has chosen to bless us in a tremendous way this week! So undeserving but so thankful for these huge, huge opportunities in my Career! 
Another masterpiece for us writers cut at Golden Edge Productions, Inc/Golden Edge Studios in Gallatin, TN with Edgel Groves Sr., Randall Griffith and Shea Henley. Danny Parks and the guys at Loghollow Studios in Gallatin! So thankful for such great talented people in my life and their friendship! 

Well as it was so well said by the legendary Hank Williams "the news is out all over town" and here's the fantastic news we've been chomping at the bit to announce for some time. Irish country sensation Mary Duff Official who is currently touring with top Irish country artist Daniel O'Donnell has cut our song "Just Not Enough" written by Amy Chenoweth, Danica Honeycutt and myself on her new album "Changing Lanes"!!! Amy and I sang the song tonight at the Commodore Grillle and announced the big news! What makes this so special is that Mary is a fantastic well known artist both overseas and in the US. Our own Garth Brooks has 2 songs on this album along with songs from Nashville #1 hit songwriters Kent Maxson, our good friendsGerald Smith and Randy Finchum , Casey Kelly, and Wood Newton, Kent Blazey, and Buddy Cannon. There are other #1 hit writers from both the US and Ireland on the album and this is Mary 's first international original album ever with hit writers from the US ! What a thrill to be on an album with Garth Brooks being a writer on it. This is our biggest cut ever and we are very excited about the buzz already spinning internationally about it's upcoming release in May ! Many thanks to Mary for including us on this fantastic project and to ISG Records. Much success to our friends Sean Andrew Murray, Peter Pries, and Howard Dee Crean on the launch soon coming. We hope everyone will pick up a copy! This one is gonna be huge ! What a great honor as a songwriter to be part of it!!! We are blessed to be part of the International / Irish Songwriters Guild !

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