From the album All I Wanna Be Is Me

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Words & Music: JK Nick Nichols and Amy Chenoweth (C) 2015


Words & Music: JK Nick Nichols & Amy Chenoweth
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing/Songs of American International Music (C) 2015

Silent Treatment

She walks in and lays her keys on mantle
Ditches her heels and slips on her sandals
Dress falls on the floor right next to me
Her little motion points the direction
Up the stairs, first room on the left and
I know what kinda night this is gonna be

She doesn’t have to speak one single word
Not a movement of her body goes unheard
Fingers on my skin find their way
Like rain falling down on a summer day
That look in her eyes is worth a thousand words
My cup runs over for a drink of her
Yeah, she gets my undivided attention
When she gives me
The silent treatment

She lets down the blinds and pulls up her hair
It’s im-poss-i-ble for me not to stare
‘Cause she’s everything a woman oughta be
I look at her lookin’ back in the mirror
She knows exactly how to draw me nearer
What that sinful smile says to me


In a world of a million voices
The sounds of the heart
Make the loudest noises


Yeah that silent treatment