From the album All I Wanna Be Is Me

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Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols (C) 2014


Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing (C) 2014

Hillbilly Shuffle

Down in the holler where the wild wind blows
City folk and the preacher don't dare to go
It's where country comes from miles around
To have a little fun when the sun goes down
Bring your shine and forget your troubles
Gonna do a little thing called the hillbilly shuffle

Yeah it’s one down two now three down four
Spin your girl around on the hay field floor
Five---six--- seven-- eight
Looking good on the hood and the truck tailgate
Chew a little chew, spit a little spit
Take a little toke, drink a little sip
A bump on the hips, a kiss on the lips
Howl at the moon, howl at your friend
Come on farm boys flex your muscles
We gonna do a little dance called the hillbilly shuffle.

We got Grandpa B on the silver spoons
Juniors on the jug and the washboard too
Cousin Ike strumming on the mandolin
Hey lookey yonder comes Banjo Ben
Brother Joe on the fiddle and his saw on the shovel
They gonna dig up a tune called the hillbilly shuffle


There's tater salad and pecan pie
Chicken fried and a pig on the fire
Green beans, cornbread and sweet iced tea
And country girls in their cut-off jeans.



Gonna do a little thing called the Hillbilly Shuffle, yeah, yeah