From the recording All I Wanna Be Is Me

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Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols (C) 2016


Words & Music: JK Nick Nichols
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing (C) 2016

Memories in the Making

Today I went to visit—my family
They were all there-just waiting for me
Old Uncle Frank—God rest his soul
Never could resist a good roadside—watering hole
Is my mind playing tricks on me again?
Thought I smelled Aunt Addie's macaroni pie in the wind

Yeah the people who made me—what I am today
If they could see me now—I wonder what they'd say.
They scolded and they molded—the shape my life was taking
What I couldn't see then now I know—
Were memories in the making

For mom and dad—a fresh bouquet
Small repayment—for sacrifices made
Second cousin Ed—who helped me find my way
Without him and the Good Lord’s grace—I’d still be lost today
And my old fishin’ buddy two doors from two doors down the road
I swear I saw him by the riverbank—the day I brought the ‘Big One” home


We‘re only here a moment-and then that’s moment’s gone
Who you were to the ones you leave behind’s what matters most


Remember always give more than you‘re taking
‘Cause to someone
You’re a memory in the making