From the recording All I Wanna Be Is Me

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Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols (C) 2015


Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols, © 2015
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing (SESAC)

Tired of the Dream

It started when the ebony and ivory
Stood taller than the boy upon the stool could reach
A single note followed by a sounding chord
It was evident to Momma that a star was born

Days turned into years the boy into a man
Living room concerts into late night bands
Back and forth to Nashville time and time again
Dreaming of the day he's more than just a fan

Doors crack doors open doors slam shut
Verse chorus--fast forward—what else have you got?
Are you hats, no hats, tattoos beard or shaven clean?
When did talent no more matter?
I m so tired of the dream

Stage after stage, life on the road is tough
Selling CD’s after shows out of a cardboard box
Love you while you're there forget you when you're gone
Unless it’s on their radio you're just another song


You spend your whole life chasing
What you never seem to catch
Only to find the thing you wanted
Was always meant for someone else

Now I’m too old they say to make it but too young to quit
Still writing songs in search of that elusive hit
In an ever changing market I'm challenged to stay sharp
Where the music makes no sense and the lyrics have no heart


Why won't these songs just leave me be
I'm so tired of the dream