From the recording All I Wanna Be Is Me

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Words and Music: Jk Nick Nichols (C) 2015


Words and Music: Jk Nick Nichols (C) 2015
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing

Better Than I Deserve

(Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Mike Lee who always responded when he was asked
“ How are you today, Mike?” “Better than I deserve” )

When I look at Mother Earth and what we’ve done to her
There’s corruption and destruction everywhere
God’s commandments have been silenced-replaced by hate and violence
And the world does what it wants without a care
His wrath is eminent—very soon and forthcoming
And as I think about my own state of affairs

I’m—better than I deserve—much better than I deserve
But only because of Jesus on the cross
Better than I deserve-far graced more than I’m worth
Wi—ith a Love above all costs
I’m given second life—because my Savior died
He had me on his mind—now I’m sanctified
Ask me how I’m doing---
Better than I deserve

So I live with my hands raised and on my knees where I pray
Giving thanks to Him who’s set this captive free
Praying for my brothers who fight with one another
Not knowing how His love can bring them peace
Souls die in vain—every single day
Yet because of His mercy I believe


Why nations feed on conflict—is beyond my comprehension
But because God made a way and I was worthy of His attention---
I’m better than I deserve



Better than I deserve