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“Appalachia” ©2019 is written and performed by JK Nick Nichols. The song is dedicated to the beautiful Appalachian Mountain range that stretches from Georgia to Maine. We here in the South call them the Blue Ridge or Smokey Mountains. A majestic expanse that draws millions of tourists, on-lookers, and serious hikers every year to her borders. This song is for the all people who have experienced God’s majestic mountainous creation, her residents, and even those who have sung songs and told tales through pictures and stories, to the poets and songwriters who have captured their adventures through poems and song. This video is solely to enhance and bring life to the song, with photos used from my own collections and from my great longtime friend, co-writer, and avid hiker of her hills, Ken Grant. Also, special credit and recognition to the following entities who have posted pictures on the public domain of the internet of the Appalachians for us to enjoy that made the video possible,,,,,, ryptide,,, at,,,,,, Determined Dreams (Tragena Owen Photography)

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