From the recording High Cost of Loving

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Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols


No Way in Tennessee
(c) 2013
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing'

No earthly reason I’d believe
A day would come that you would leave
But I was wrong-- I was wrong
Must've gotten comfortable
Thinking life was wonderful
But now you're gone--And I'm alone

I would have bet the farm---and everything I own
You'd be right here waiting for me every night at home
Until the mighty Cumberland runs dryer than a creek
There's just no way in Tennessee

I never will forget that day
A Monday it was pouring rain
You got the call--that changed it all
Doctors did the best they could
To keep you with me in this world
One year ago--I miss you so


I guess the good Lord needed one more angel in His crew
But so many lonely nights
I wish He'd needed one more too



How could this be?
There's just no way in Tennessee
No way in Tennessee