From the recording High Cost of Loving

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Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols


High Cost of Loving
(c) 1993
A Nicholsworth of Music Publishing

My love life’s been a hard luck night in Vegas
I’ve rolled the dice a loser every time
Step out on the faith that I’d found true love
Always ended up towin’ the line

I met this little sweetheart down in Tulsa
Partied ‘till we hit the Oklahoma line
We she stopped for gas she said to me “Let’s marry!”
Then drove while I paid the man inside

Hey I can’t take this high cost of loving
I don’t believe romance is in my cards
No I can’t pay this high cost of lovin’—no more
‘Cause what it winds up breakin’ is my heart


Well I thought my luck had changed one night in Memphis
When this redhead caught my green eyes by surprise
Every word that rolled off of her sweet lips, Mmh!
Shot a hole right through my wounded pride

One slow dance and two glasses of whiskey
Man I could see the realm of paradise
But about the time my passion started risin’
Her jealous husband took me down to size


Yeah what it winds up breakin’ is my heart
Oh all it ever does is break my heart

(Spoken) Ooh that smarts