From the recording TENDENCIES

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Words & Music: JK Nick Nichols (c) 2018
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing


Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols © 2018
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing (SESAC)

Stop For Strangers

It was almost seven years ago
That I saw her walking down that road
Cut off jeans and an army cap
Pulling a suitcase behind her back
I drove right by then turned around
And said “Can I give you a lift to town?”
She smiled at me and climbed inside
As I put her bag in the trunk by mine
Where you headed to she said I don't know
But I'll go as far as you need to go
So we took off down that lonesome road
That didn't feel so lonesome anymore

Sometimes you're in the right place at the right time
Even when it seems so wrong in your mind
And the benefits of doing something crazy
Somehow outweigh and overcome the danger
And that little small voice that says you're making the smart choice
May take weeks or even years to understand
Luck says you never stop for strangers
But fate has other plans

I picked her up near Omaha
And by the time we reached Niagara Falls
I knew war killed her brother
She knew Cancer took my mother
And neither one had anyone
Alive we could depend upon
So Canada seemed perfect for
Two lost souls from America
I found work in a lumberyard
She got a job tending bar
Bought a little three room house
And started writing wedding vows

Two drifters drifted in--to each other's heart
Strange how fate can bring together what life tears apart