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From the recording BORN TO SING

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Words & Music: JK Nick Nichols
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing (SESAC)
(C) 2017


Words & Music: JK Nick Nichols
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing (SESAC) (C) 2017


20 years ago and what seems like
Twenty thousand miles away
Momma waving good bye on the front porch
I had Grandpa’s ole Chevy Blazer
Packed so tight there wasn't room for a razor
Everything I own between the back seat and dashboard

(I was) leaving out on a lonesome journey
My ole guitar and a song a burning
--Where they were gonna take me, well I didn't know
(You see) I had a dream and I had to live it
Really didn't care what it took to get it
I’d walk through hail and rain and sleet and blinding snow

‘Cause when you're born to sing
You open your mouth and you let it ring
And hope the world-- feels the same --as the music plays
And then you —step on that stage
The lights come up and the darkness fades
They call your name—you thank The Lord you were born to sing

Playing bars and one night stands will quickly
Turn a boy into a man
Pretty girls, cheap motels and tip jars
It's a long climb-- to the top
A lot of rising stars ‘ll drop who
Can't see the big time for the battle scars

But—me , I've got a one track mind
Come Hell or high water, do or die
Ain't no turning back I'm too far down the line
Because that next song is everything
I write’ em wide awake or in my sleep
Whatever it takes to hang my name on the marquee sign

(Repeat Chorus)

Everyone who's ever known me
Will tell you music oozes from me
There never was another path to take

(Repeat Chorus) 2x, 2nd time (I, my)