From the recording Son of a Son of a Carpenter

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Words & Music: JK Nick Nichols


Words & Music: JK Nick Nichols
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing
(c) 2012


Have you ever lost a treasure that was dear to you
Something an old friend might have given you
Remember how it hurt and all the tears you cried
You hung your head for days and thought you’d surely die
But on the day you found it how you leaped for joy
Like a child who’s just awakened to a Christmas toy

Take that happiness of lost and found to you and I
And multiply the feeling by a million times
It won’t scratch the surface of the love the Father knows
When one of his lost sheep returns unto the fold
For the anthem of the ages loud Hosannas ring
And the heavenly choir of angels sings praise to the King
For a name in the Book of Life has been written down
And another weary traveler—who was lost is found

Hallelujah what a feelin’
Another soul the devil won’t be stealing
Once again the narrow road is followed
And someone else has hope—beyond tomorrow
Oh, tomorrow

But what of those poor souls who are never found—
Could it be that they will never stand on Holy ground
Yeah, the bible makes it plain that there is but one way
To enter into paradise you must be saved
Yes the answer’s in the blood Christ shed on Calvary
And all you gotta say is Father, I believe
And the walls to eternity will come crashing down
For another weary traveler—who was lost is found

For another who was lost is found
He’ll say come on home, come home, come home to me
All ye who were lost but now are found
Welcome home, welcome home
Welcome home