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Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols

Wedding song written by me for my daughter Lindsay Nichols Bargoil's wedding


Words and Music: JK NICK Nichols © 2011
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing

Here I Am, I’m Yours (Lindsay’s Song)

Take my heart
I’ve been saving it for you
See inside, there’s a promise to be true
Until the seas—no longer touch the shores
Take my heart, here it is, I’m yours

Trust my arms
To catch you if you fall
And hold you tight
When the darkness comes to call
Shelter from—the ever raging storms
Take my arms, here they are, I’m yours

Take my life
All that I am
Be my strength
And by me stand

Take my hand
And look into my eyes
Tell me now
Forever you’ll be mine
From this day—may our love unfold
Take my hand, here I am, I’m yours


And when this road brings us to God’s throne
Take my hand, I’ll be there, I’m yours
Take my heart, here I am, I’m yours