1. Goin' Home

From the recording Livin' In God's Grace

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Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols


Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols © 2010
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing

#2 Goin’ Home

There’s a new day dawning—rushing like the wind
Can you feel the spirit of the Lord?
It’s not a distant thunder—not a passing plane
Can you hear the footsteps of the Lord?
Lift your head to the sky
Angels winging on high
In the blink of an eye
We’re going home

Goin’ home, goin’ home
Livin’ large by God’s throne
Pearly gates here we come
We’re goin’ home

No more hungry children—no more drugs, no war
Just perfect in the presence of the Lord
Gonna see our loved ones—find the friends we’ve lost
But most of all we’re gonna see our Lord
So raise your hands, raise them high
Soon we’ll hear that midnight cry
When He splits that Eastern sky
We’re goin’ home


Where ten thousand years will be as one
And when a million pass we’ll have just begun
Living in the promise of His love
We’re goin’ home……….


Hear that trumpet resound
……The sound of all sounds
Where that river of life
Never will run dry
In that sweet bye and bye
We’re goin’ home

Oh yeah, we’re goin’ home
Goin’ home….oh, oh, ‘ome
Goin’ home……………