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Written by JK Nick Nichols and Bob Pennington

Cancer took the life of Joey Feek and has taken the lives of so many dear souls that we all know. Let's never forget to "Think Pink".

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, but it is a year round, life long disease that affects millions of women as well as men. Many of you have friends that have friends who are victims or family members of victims or friends who are not on Facebook! Please tell them about this awesome song and the cause it supports so they can join in the fight against Breast Cancer!

Please download this song to support Breast Cancer Research, a portion of the proceeds of each download go directly to the Komen Greater Nashville / Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Research!! God bless you all!! Share with all your friends, let's get this worldwide!!

JK Nick Nichols, Bob Pennington, & Tammy Cochran



Words and Music: JK Nick Nichols & Bob Pennington © 2015 SESAC
Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing / 2P’s Production, Inc.
BGN Music Group

She’s up and at ‘em every morning
When there’s no get up and go
Just keeps on charging forward
Though her body tells her no
Finds the strength - gets dressed for work
Some days it’s all that she can do
But her mind won’t let her give in
To the pain she suffers through

She still believes in miracles
She’s not looking for a sign
‘Cause no one knows the future
It’s just one day at a time

She’s gotta think pink
She’s gotta have hope
It’s just another knot
It’s not the end of the rope
Life’s a blessed journey
So until the angels sing
She’s gotta stay strong
She’s gotta think pink

Ribbons on her mirror
The hallway and the den
Everywhere to remind her
The battle never ends
Some days she wears a smile
Other days she cries
Tears not for her
For whom she fears she’d leave behind

Things happen for a reason
When there seems no reason why
But it’s not over ‘til it’s over
She ain’t going down without a fight


Though all of us are different
Everyone’s the same
We’d rather live in sunshine
But when it starts to rain

REPEAT CHORUS (We) gotta think Pink
We gotta have hope
It’s just another bump
It’s not the end of the road……………..

We gotta have hope --yeah, yeah
We gotta think Pink